‘Featured on PLANET ROCK's NEW MUSIC SHOW, KAROBELA weave together an intricate tapestry of gutsy, fuzzy riffs, larger-than-life bass lines, thundering drums, soaring vocals and infectious hooks, all oozing with a sticky-sweet layer of Pop sensibility. Karobela are sexy, dirty and passionate and ‘strutting into a new era and heading onto big things.’

Inspired by all styles of music, their influences are drawn from across the spectrum: from the intricate arrangements of Fleetwood Mac and Queen, the virtuosity of Clapton and Hendrix, to the contemporary stylings of modern day bands such as No Doubt, The Pretty Reckless and Royal Blood. With such a broad pallet to draw from, it’s immediately apparent that Karobela’s sound is one of a kind.

Karobela are a beacon for the stage - a flood light in the dark - bringing rock to the forefront of a pop heavy world and reminding you that the stadium filling rock bands of the past are still present today.

From your first sight of tartan and leopard print, you can’t help but be drawn in by the band’s infectious character, immense stage presence and seductiveness. Karobela are putting their own very individual stamp on the world of alternative rock music, carving a path of their own and taking no prisoners along the way.

With a string of diverse singles out now, these are cuts that soaks up the influences of a classic rock up-bringing matched with a keen sense of contemporary music. Soaring choruses and infectious hooks personifies Karobela’s mission - this is‘an unquestionable aural affirmation that this is the future.’