"Featured on The New Rock Show... nice and riffy... really like their stuff”


Peeling back layers and observing human behaviour; KAROBELA’S brand new single views the protagonist, our LIBERTINE who lives in society that accepts that it’s normal for men to sleep around.


But what if a woman was to do the same?


KAROBELA evaluates the question of morality and how we behave toward one another. Who are we to judge and why do we do that? This continues the questions in the stories first told in their self-titled debut EP. How can we be the agents for positive change and insist on a more balanced point of view? We can allow the weak to find strength and the strong to show weakness and it all to be acceptable.


LIBERTINE by KAROBELA is OUT NOW and follows the debut-self titled EP.


The characters within the songs are there as a means for us to relate and connect to the story, a halfway meeting point to understand the behaviours and motives of people in our every day lives. KAROBELA tell a thousand stories of a million characters and an immeasurable number of lives and are all about offering an alternative viewpoint, to switch expectations. TELLING THE STORY OF THE UNHEARD.

“This isn’t a gloves-off approach or feeding into a blame culture. This is an opportunity here to normalise the conversation on both sides of the street, to allow ourselves the breathing space to have an honest debate with no boundaries. We can talk about anything; this is a safe space and through music we can allow ourselves to do that”. (Lauren Diamond).

LIBERTINE is the BRAND-NEW single from KAROBELA following on from the darker tone of the previous release STELLAR HEART (which was received with great critical acclaim) and is OUT NOW. With the ambition of an all-new collection of songs on the horizon and, of course the addition of more events KAROBELA seem an unstoppable force and are making the most of the return of LIVE MUSIC.

“We’re going even further exploring your stories always with the view to offer an honest conversation, no B.S., just straight talking. You can have attitude without confrontation but we feel it is important to have that dialogue, peel back the layers and just show the truth”.

WE are one of a thousand stories, a million characters and an immeasurable number of lives. WE TELL THE STORY