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KAROBELA stride boldly into new territory with their BRAND-NEW single RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT, a deliberate attempt to combine the lyrical character study that is fast become synonymous with the band, with a musical direction that is equally and immediately no-nonsense and relatable.

RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT paints the foundation of a story we can all relate to - that night to end all nights, where the possibilities are limitless, and anything goes. It’s a freedom that’s euphoric and liberating, but frightening and uncertain in equal measures: a journey into the uncharted that precariously balances the difference between excitement and serious danger on a razors edge.

RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT by KAROBELA is out THIS JULY and marks the beginning of a new era for the band.

“Writing about a subject you’ve experienced yourself without question always produces the most sincere and authentic lyrics. Sometimes we like to write about deeper issues, topics that are bit more cerebral. Other times, like with Red Light Green Light, it begins with something that at first seems only skin deep, but when you sit down and really consider all the variables that are in play in these scenarios, you suddenly find you’re Alice down the rabbit hole and this endless list of possibilities and potentially moral conundrums presents itself”. (Lauren Diamond)

The characters within the songs are there as a means for us to relate and connect to the story, a halfway meeting point to understand the behaviours and motives of people in our everyday lives. KAROBELA’S stories provide a junction point for you to embark on a journey spanning an immeasurable number of lives and offer an alternative viewpoint: to switch expectations. 

“These songs start out being OUR stories, but we want them to become YOUR stories. You can have perspective without judgement, attitude without confrontation, it can be as deep or as superficial as you like, but we feel it is important to have that dialogue, peel back the layers and just show the truth”.

RED LIGHT GREEN LIGHT signals the start of an ambitious new direction for the band, and with their increasingly busy live schedule, KAROBELA’S LIVE SHOW is showcasing them better than ever before. The new single is out in JULY.

WE are one of a thousand stories, a million characters and an immeasurable number of lives. Though the possibilities are endless, we are all intrinsically woven together and connected by an unbreakable thread. These songs start out being OUR stories, but we want them to become YOUR stories.

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